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About US Pro Signs

At US Pro Signs, we have established ourselves as a top Texas sign company by making our number one priority you, the client.  With a highly skilled and experienced design team we have committed ourselves to providing you with not only the best-possible product, but the best-possible experience also. Our trusted team delivers custom-made products and is able to overcome any challenge head-on with an approach that covers all phases of the sign process. You can trust us to handle all of your sign & design needs!

Our Mission

 A relationship is formed when we undertake a project together. Our goal is to quickly earn your trust and respect. This is accomplished by meeting goals and standing by our promises. Our promise is our commitment. It's amazing the difference a positive attitude makes. The goal of every team member at US Pro Signs is to meet the customer’s needs. We know that honesty and integrity are the formula for success. When you choose to work withus, you work with a team of professionals. Our team at US Pro Signs believes in honesty and integrity in all of our activities and relationships. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in our high standards and continuous improvement in everything we are involved in.

Why Choose Us

A key element of any signage project is the price. We recognize this as a fact and strive to provide the highest quality signs for the lowest price possible. We believe this approach gives our customers the best value. US Pro Signs does not compromise on quality simply to be the lowest bidder. We only use quality materials and treat each project with the highest level of care and strive to bring you the longest lasting, high quality product your business deserves.

Meet Our Team

The owner

Personally involved and leads every project, Shamil is a master craftsman and designer of the arts. Theres nothing he can't tackle!

The Designer

Experienced in all aspects of design & computer technology, Eynar is your go-to guy for anything that you need done on a computer!


There hasnt been a hands on task this man couldn't complete. His name precedes his position, simply known as Frank.

The ceo

As our CEO & Co-Owner NO ONE is more commited to making you smile than Haley! Plus, shes the friendliest face around.


"I own a small moving company in Dallas and I needed to have a new box truck we just purchased wrapped. I got my last truck wrapped at another local company and I was not very impressed with the design. It was far too plane and we needed something that caught the eye of people driving by us on the road. My friend told me about US Pro Signs, and now you couldnt tell my truck apart from that of a huge coproation's! Not to mention, they were able to beat the price of other large sign shops. Needless to say, these are my go to guys for when we expand and get a new truck. "
Todd Elliot

"Let me tell you how great these guys are. My husband and I just got married last fall and we were looking at companies that could print large posters of us as well of some floral pictures. We ended up using US Pro Signs because of their price and they were able to do the prints last minute. After our wedding we decided to take our wedding and honeymoon pohots to them and got every size we needed. Somehow the pirctures we took with our DSLR were clearer and had less noise than photo's I had professionally printed in the past. I've been reccomending them to all my friends. "
Larisa D.

"I have had many custom banners made by US Pro Signs. They are super helpful in incorporating my ideas and shooting over quick emails with layouts! Turnaround time is always quick and one of the reasons I always go back everytime i need something printed or designed. Great work!!"
James Reckers

"The custom signage here has always been top-notch, and the service makes it even better. Pro quality, and after shopping around, these guys have the best prices. Highly recommended them for anything sign-related, banners, lettering, etc."
Dave Ramesh